Jane Gildart to Retire After 24 Years with MSGA

Dec 4, 2020

After 24 years of work with the Maine State Golf Association, longtime office manager Jane Gildart will retire on December 4. Gildart was hired back in 1997 when the MSGA still held a tiny office in Yarmouth and only had two dedicated scorers. As the staff member who handled most day-to-day tasks at the office, Gildart has been indispensable in helping the MSGA grow and become the multi-faceted state golf association it is today.

“It’s pretty simple,” says Brian Bickford, executive director of the MSGA. “Jane is an all-star by any measure. We will certainly miss her and all the work she has done for us.”

Despite having never played a round of golf in her life, she was quick to learn about the nuances of the game and the people who play it. From players talking about the birdie that could have been, to the staff members around the office talking at length about an interesting ruling, she grasped how much golf means to Mainers and about the virtues the game extols.

“I always say the best thing about my long tenure at the MSGA has been the opportunity to meet, or know from a distance, people all over Maine whom I never would encounter otherwise,” Gildart says.

While she is uncertain of what she will do in her retirement, spending more time with her family is the one thing she knows she can look forward to. Gildart and her husband have four grown children—two in Maine and two in Texas—and four grandchildren as well.

“When the pandemic eases, I hope to spend more time with the Texas branch of the family,” she explains. “And when the bonny weather comes back, I’ll take the ferry out to our Peaks Island cottage and stay there as long as I like.”

The MSGA would like to thank Jane for all of her years of dedicated service to the MSGA and to the people who play the game in Maine. Perhaps now it is time for her to finally pick up the sticks and learn how to play golf!