Maine Amateur Qualifiers Continue This Week

Jun 14, 2020

With two qualifiers in the books and two more slated for this week at Poland Spring and Bangor Municipal, we are getting closer to rounding out the field for the 2020 Maine Amateur Championship at Biddeford-Saco CC. Please read over the following information regarding the qualifiers, as they may have a different feel this year due to restrictions surrounding COVID-19.

Tee Times: Click here to view starting times and pairings for all four qualifiers. Be sure to use the drop down menu on the tee sheet to toggle to your specific qualifier.

Registration: We ask that all players check in with the MSGA upon arrival at their tournament site to be informed of all pertinent information for the day. Players will be given their Local Rules sheet and their group scorecard at the registration table.

Scoring: Upon completion of the round, players must immediately go to the scoring area. We will have designated places for players to stand so they can go over their scores with their fellow competitors. Scores will be read to the MSGA scorer, and in lieu of swapping and signing scorecards, players will give a verbal confirmation that their scores are correct. This confirmation will serve as the equivalent of a signature on the scorecard.

Social Distancing: The MSGA asks that regardless of their position on the golf course, that players maintain six (6) feet of distance between themselves and other players. This includes when they are preparing for a shot, walking down the fairway/rough, on the teeing area, on the putting green, and all other locations. All players must refrain from touching their fellow competitors in any way, including shaking hands prior to and following the round. Players must not touch, handle, or share each other’s equipment.

Caddies: Due to social distancing and trying to limit the amount of people at the qualifiers, caddies are not permitted.

Carts: Due to the state mandate, carts will be available as single-rider only. Players seen sharing a cart at any time may be subject to disqualification.

Holes: All qualifiers will have holes in the ground with something in place raising the bottom of the cup. The flagstick is to remain in the hole at all times. The ball must be holed on every hole. Any deflections off the pin or liner, while unlikely, will be deemed a rub of the green, and the ball will have to be holed thereafter.

Qualifying Numbers: The following number of spots are available at each qualifying site:

Willowdale: 83 players for 21 spots

Brunswick: 81 players for 20 spots

Poland Spring: 87 players for 22 spots

Bangor Municipal: 63 players for 16 spots

Withdrawal: Players that need to withdraw from any of the qualifiers are asked to email as soon as possible.