Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions

May 3, 2020

The following questions are frequently asked by many in the early days of Phase 1:

Reminder: Like the Rules of Golf, we cannot pick and choose which rules we're going to abide by today. But hopefully this clarifies some of the rules!


1.     Can out-of-staters play golf in Maine?

Only after quarantining in Maine for 14-days. May 5 note:  Some have asked for clarification based on conflicts in wording on various sites. The clarification is: Yes, but only after quarantining in Maine for 14 days. If you leave the state for any reason and come back again while this order is still in effect, you must restart your quarantine.


2.     Can out-of-staters who are members of courses in Maine play golf in Maine?

Only after quarantining in Maine for 14-days.


3.     I live in Androscoggin County. Can I play a course in Kennebec County?

Only if you are a member of that course.  If you are not a member, you are asked to play a course in the county you live in. Click here to view a list of MSGA member clubs sorted by county.


4.     Will the bathrooms be open at the course?

Not if located in the clubhouse as all buildings are closed.  Always best to call ahead.  Some courses have made other accommodations.


5.     Will food and drink be available?

Only curbside or takeout food and beverage is allowed.  No indoor seating.


6.     Can I show up early to hit balls and practice putt?

Not at this time. Show up no earlier than 10 minutes before your tee time.


7.     Will the 19th hole be open after the round?

Not at this time.  Golfers are asked to proceed from the 18th hole to their cars.


8.     Can I share a golf cart with my spouse?

Not at this time.  Golf carts are single rider at this time.


9.     Can golf scores be posted in GHIN.



10.  When is the next MSGA event?

As of right now, the first event is scheduled for June.