All MSGA Events in May Canceled

Apr 30, 2020

The State of Maine has published its checklist for golf courses and golfers to adhere to in order to re-open business on May 1. One of the items states that “people can only play golf in the county they live in.” The state has agreed to amend this provision by allowing members of golf courses who live in a different county to be able to play at their home club. However, for non-members of clubs, the county restriction remains in place and they must play in their resident county.

Due to the county provision that would make it impossible for the MSGA to conduct tournaments with players traveling from all around the state to host sites, we will be canceling all MSGA events in May. Registration that was slated to go live tomorrow morning for all Play Days in the month of May has been suspended.

We are saddened to miss out on giving Maine golfers a chance to play in our fun and competitive events next month. However, we hope to hit the ground running in June as the state moves forward with its plan and eases restrictions on golf and all businesses. In the meantime, we encourage Maine golfers to support our MSGA member clubs during this difficult time. They will be up and running effective on May 1 as the season gets underway.

ONLINE: State of Maine Checklist for Golf Businesses