Governor Approves Golf to Resume on May 1

Apr 28, 2020

We are thrilled with the announcement that the Governor’s Office has deemed golf as an acceptable recreational activity, effective May 1, 2020.

We hope that you are as excited as we are to get the 2020 golf season underway. This spring has been trying for everyone, and we look forward to seeing Maine’s golf courses back up and running as we try to return some semblance of normalcy after such a uniquely difficult April.

While clubs are able to open their doors this Friday to resume the golf season, it is important to note that things will not be the same as they have been in years past, and we may have a “new normal” for the first part of the golf season. Nearly every operation at our clubs has been affected by COVID-19, including the pro shop, maintenance work, and food & beverage operations.

You will notice that some of these operations are either minimal or non-existent, and they may continue to be for some time. What’s important though, for the time being while we adjust how golf can adapt with public safety in mind, is that the golf course itself is open for play and can be used again as a safe way to seek a healthy physical and mental respite during these times.

It is our job as members and employees at all Maine golf courses to all do our part to ensure that golf remains an acceptable activity. It is up to us to adhere to the “new normal” as the season resumes, following all protocols that have been put in place behind the scenes to make golf an appropriate recreational activity in the eyes of the state government. Any disregard for these procedures or social distancing at one club could have adverse effects on golfers all around the state.

The Maine State Golf Association has worked hard with state officials in Augusta to propose a broad set of changes that will keep the game safe yet still enjoyable as we move forward. These changes include protocols that affect a golfer’s experience from arrival to departure, all made while keeping the safety of players and employees in mind, while still allowing golfers to be able to enjoy the game.

The new “Park, Play & Go Home” initiative spearheaded by the MSGA will get us back on the course in a safe manner. We encourage you to review these procedures when they become available in order to be prepared for these changes prior to your arrival at the course. Click here to see the checklist issued by the state with procedures that courses will need to follow in order to open.

We know that there are certain parts of the club that you will miss during the start of the season. We all want to hit a bucket of balls before we play, high five our partner after dropping a long putt for birdie, and hang out at the club after the round with our golf buddies. That time will come further down the road, when we can get back to enjoying all the things that make our Maine courses the places we’ve grown to love. But for now, let’s just be grateful to be back on the green grass chasing the little white ball around with our friends. Let’s keep it simple as we move forward and just “Park, Play & Go Home.” Our old normal will be back again before we know it.

ONLINE: Read the press release from the Office of the Governor