Protecting Golfers and Golf Clubs Around COVID-19

Mar 20, 2020

With golf coming to the northeast earlier than usual this spring, some are thinking of an early golf season, albeit with a very different feel than usual for March. With the nationwide spread of the coronavirus, industries in all walks of life are being affected. Golf is no different. Courses that are open are working in a setting they've never been in before, as are the golfers that are still going out to play and get some exercise and well-needed fresh air in tough times.

The article below from the National Golf Foundation provides sound advice for clubs and golfers that are dealing with these times surrounding the pandemic. It provides a list of best practices that are being used around the country to ensure that golf remains a safe way to get outside.

"Protecting Golfers and Course Staff Amid Coronavirus Outbreak"

Golf course owners can click here to read about the recommended procedure for cleaning golf carts.