A Message from Maine Superintendents

Apr 11, 2019

The Maine Golf Course Superintendents Association would like to share with you an update on some reported course conditions from around the Pine Tree State as spring slowly arrives.

Mother Nature can be cruel and selective at times. This winter in Maine we saw lengthy ice covering, rain and mixed precipitation followed by drastic temperature drops, repeated thawing, puddling and refreezing on our courses. These are not healthy scenarios over the winter for our golf courses, especially for our greens.

So far we are seeing that courses along the coast have come through the winter pretty well for the most part. Between the coast and mountains, we are getting reports of turf damage that range from spotty patches to the total loss of some greens. Mountain areas are still covered in snow, so we’ll have to wait and see as they come out as the snow begins to disappear.

If the course you enjoy playing has had damage, please be patient. Your golf course superintendent will have a cultural plan in place to get it back into shape as soon as growing temperatures cooperate. Consistent warmer weather and soil temperatures greater than 55 degrees will be required to get the plant to wake up and get any seed to start germinating. Temporary greens may be used, and while frustrating for the player, their use is the best method for faster recovery by keeping all traffic and stress off the surfaces while managing recovery until they are a mature.

Please be patient if you find your local course experiencing these conditions. Cooperative weather and time will have you smashing your ball down the fairway and sinking putts to beat your buddy in no time.

The Maine Golf Course Superintendents Association