Women's TriState Team Announced

Jun 12, 2018

Congratulations to the following golfers who will travel to New Hampshire’s Rochester Country Club next week to compete for the Maine team in the 2018 TriState tournament. Thank you to all the players who applied for TriState. We appreciate your willingness to support Maine’s efforts against New Hampshire and Vermont.

The championship is a 36-hole, team match play event played with handicaps over two days with two different formats. On day one, teammates will go out in sixsomes. Playing a Chapman alternate shot, both Maine players will tee off every hole, select a drive, and alternate shots until the ball is holed out. They will compete in two matches concurrently, one against New Hampshire and one against Vermont. On day two, singles matches will be played in threesomes. The Maine player will compete in one match against New Hampshire and in another match against Vermont.

Carrie Langevin, Portland CC
Kristin Kannegieser, Martindale CC
Kathi O’Grady, Woodlands Club
Ruth Colucci, Biddeford-Saco CC
Laurie Hyndman, Woodlands Club
Cecily Whiting, Woodlands Club
Micki Meggison,Sable Oaks GC
Melissa Johnson, Martindale CC
Nancy Carlson, Rockland GC
Ruby Haylock, Turner Highlands CC

Heidi Haylock, Turner Highlands CC
Peggy Wilson, Biddeford-Saco CC
Joy Eon, Biddeford-Saco CC
Vicki Lindquist, Natanis GC
Sue Wootton, Rockland GC
Linda Holmes, Wawenock GC
Sherrie Thomas, Penobscot Valley CC
Marlene Viger, Bangor Municipal GC
Elaine Politis, Prouts Neck GC
Diane Herring, Hermon Meadow GC
Nancy Hart, Hermon Meadow GC
Susie Gravel, Augusta CC

Meriby Sweet, Wawenock GC
Bobbi Berry, Sheepscot Links GC
Birdie Pearse, Goose River GC
Norma Michaud, Springbrook GC
Kathy Sproul, Sheepscot Links GC
Judy Edgecomb, The Meadows GC
Sue Coffin, Penobscot Valley CC
Irene Schultz, Links at Outlook