Abby Spector Award Nominations Now Accepted

Jun 25, 2019

As a sponsor of the Maine Women’s Amateur, Golf & Ski Warehouse determined that it would be appropriate to provide an annual award to someone whose participation in women’s golf included personal success, contribution to the game, and upholding the spirit of the traditions of golf.

The Abby Spector Award will be presented annually to the female golfer in Maine who best exemplifies the spirit of the game through a unique combination of her ability and sportsmanship, her perseverance and courage, and her passion for, and commitment to, promoting the growth and the enjoyment of the game of golf.  This award may be presented posthumously.

Abby’s involvement in golf evolved from being a top-flight competitor to teaching others. Her passion for the game of golf never faltered, despite the twist of fate she endured.  Her commitment, generosity, and positive spirit are an inspiration to all of us.  Her love of golf and desire to help others enjoy the game are unparalleled.

With people like Abby Spector actively promoting the sport and guiding our young people, the future of golf in Maine is in very good hands.

Past Recipients:

2013: Abby Spector
2014: Pennie Cummings / Martha White
2015: Helen Plourd
2016: Cindy Choate
2017: Liz Wiltshire
2018: Birdie Pearse

Process for determining the recipient:

At least five representatives from MSGA named by the President will form the Abby Spector Award Committee.  A representative of Golf & Ski Warehouse will also be a member of the Committee but will not be required to participate in the selection process, unless s/he chooses to do so.

While this process is transparent and public, the names of nominees will, under all circumstances, be kept confidential.  Once nominees have been considered and a decision reached, all records of discussion, scoring or criteria evaluations will be destroyed.  Only the final decision of the Committee will be announced at the 2019 Maine Women’s Amateur.

Nominations may be made by any member, active, inactive, or emeritus, of Maine State Golf Association.

Nominees are not required to be members of any association to receive the Award.

Nominations may be submitted in writing or electronically to the Committee.  Written nominations will be addressed to the Chair of the Committee; electronic nomination forms will be established on the MSGA website and will direct nominations solely to the Committee Chair.  Deadline for submissions is July 1st, 2019.  The recipient will be notified by July 8th, 2019.  The recipient’s name will otherwise remain confidential until the time of the award presentation.

Nominations must specify the ways in which the nominee has met the criteria of the award’s intent:
1. combination of her ability and sportsmanship
2. her perseverance and courage
3. her passion for, and commitment to, promoting growth and enjoyment of the game of golf
4. her contribution to the game
5. her upholding of the spirit of the traditions of golf

The Committee will review all nominations to first eliminate those that are incomplete or invalid.  The entire Committee will consider and discuss the merits of the remaining nominations.

Each category of the five criteria will be weighted equally: each criterion is worth 20 ‘points.’  It is anticipated that it may take multiple rounds of discussion and scoring to finalize an appropriate recipient.  It is also possible that no suitable recipient is identified, in which case the Award will not be presented in that year.

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