Course Care Reminders From Our ED

May 14, 2018

Reminders from the Super Groupie
By Nancy Storey, Executive Director

After a couple of years of not being able to play much golf, I’m very happy to say I’ve already played twice more this year than I did last! Those who know me know that care of the golf course and pace of play are my primary concerns when I’m out there. If we all do our part, not only will all of our courses be better, but the round will be faster and more enjoyable. Here’s a few reminders that we all need to think about as we start up this golf season:

Practice swings – don’t take them on the tee. Ever wonder why the first tee always seems so beat up? Ever notice how many practice swings people take while waiting on the first tee? Step off the tee and swing in the rough.

Flagsticks – please don’t drop them on the green, lay them down. Everyone takes a putter with them to the green. Use it to lay the flagstick down and you don’t even have to bend over!

Push carts – please don’t take them between greenside bunkers and the green. Please go around. This is how paths get worn. We all like to save a few steps, but not at the expense of our course.

Golf bags – please don’t leave them on the collars (especially not on the approach collar right in front of the green!). Do the right thing and set them in the grass on the way to the next tee.

Finish putting out – if you’re not standing in someone’s line, putt out. Nothing in the rules of golf in stroke play prohibits this. Match play is different but you don’t have to hole out in match play.

Post your scores – if you’re playing under the rules of golf (including match play!), post your scores. If you didn’t finish the hole, post the score you most likely would have made. This is especially important if you’re playing a team competition like a two-ball.

Rake the bunkers – did you know the correct way to rake bunkers is to use your feet to fill the holes back in and then just use the rake to smooth? That way the sand doesn’t get too fluffy.

Fix your ball marks – tools are available in every pro shop. The proper way is NOT to lift, but to turn. You know the greens that look like they have chicken pox? Those are the greens that ball marks were lifted instead of twisted. If you lift, you actually rip the roots from underneath. Just use the tool to twist the grass back into shape. 

Stay out of newly seeded areas – yes, I know this seems like a no-brainer, but you should SEE the footprints in some newly seeded grass at my home course! Number one pet peeve of superintendents.

Please throw your trash – and cigarette butts – in receptacles, not on the ground. And if you see trash that has blown out of someone’s cart, please pick it up! Even beautiful courses look lousy if there’s trash everywhere.

That’s 10 tips for this week. Enjoy your time on the golf course and we’ll see you soon!