Score Posting Season Begins April 15

Apr 14, 2021

With the start of Spring comes the start of the active handicap posting season. Starting on April 15, any rounds played in Maine must be posted to GHIN for handicap purposes. The season for posting scores here in Maine runs from April 15 to October 31. Scores can be posted online, at the club computer after the round, or using the GHIN mobile app.

So dust off those clubs, head to the course, and be sure to post your score when you're done!


GHIN Mobile App Information

Are you having trouble logging into your GHIN mobile account after having not used it all winter? Read below for more information on setting up your mobile profile.

For the security and privacy of our golfers, GHIN now requires all golfers to create a profile and set a password to access the GHIN Mobile App and Without updating these settings, players will only be able to post scores at the club kiosk.

Click here to create your profile and set a password. Once an account has been established, you can access the GHIN Mobile App and with your GHIN Number or Email Address and the Password that you have created.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do I need to create a digital profile with a unique email address to log into the GHIN Mobile App and

A: In order to improve data security and golfer privacy, golfers will need to create a digital profile to access the GHIN Mobile App and

Q: How do I add my email address to my GHIN profile so that I can create a digital profile?

A: You can request that your Club Admin or local golf association update your GHIN profile within the USGA Admin Portal.

Q: How do I create a Digital Profile?

A: First, you must have an email address on file as an email will be sent to complete the digital profile creation process.  You can initiate this email via the “Create Profile” button on the login page of or the GHIN Mobile App by verifying 2 of 3 pieces of information: Last Name, GHIN Number, Email Address. Once this occurs, you will receive an email with a link that will take you to to set and confirm a password and accept the privacy policy and terms of service.

Q: What if I do not provide an email address, how can I post a score?

A: If you do not provide an email address, you will not be able to create a digital profile and log into the GHIN Mobile App or You will be able to access a Club Kiosk or have your Club Admin post a score on your behalf.

Q: I have created a digital profile, but forgot my login information. What should I do?

A: There is a "Forgot Login Information" link on the GHIN Mobile App and login page.  You will need to supply your GHIN Number or email address and a reset password email will be sent to your email address on file. 

Q: I share an email address with another golfer, can we log in with the same email address?

A: No, only one digital profile can be tied to one unique email address. The first person to set up a digital profile will “claim” that email address. Another email address must be provided for the other golfer.

Q: I made an error when posting my score, how do I correct it?

A: Please contact your Club or Association, they will be able to assist you in making a correction.

Q: I do not know my GHIN Number; how do I obtain it?

A: Please contact your Club or Association.

Q: I know my GHIN Number, but I am seeing an “Unable to Find Golfer” error message, why?

A: This may be happening for a few reasons:

Do not include a “dash” in your GHIN Number.
You may have an Inactive membership, please contact your Club or Association.
Your club needs to use GHIN as their front-end provider in order for you to be able to access the GHIN products.