Handicap Posting Season Ends November 1

Oct 26, 2021

As the colder weather and shorter days start to move in on Maine, the end of the handicap posting season is approaching. Any rounds played in Maine until October 31 are valid and must be posted to your handicap record. After that date, Maine goes into what’s called an inactive season, meaning all rounds played in Maine between November 1 and April 14 can't be posted. This doesn’t mean you have to hang up the clubs for the season, it merely means that those scores can not be used on your handicap record.

Going south for the winter months or for a week away with your friends? You must still post your scores if you’re playing golf in a state that’s still in their active season. For a complete list of every state in the country, and the months that they observe for their posting season, click here.

Note to Maine Golf Clubs: Please do not inactivate your members from the GHIN system for the winter months. Any players who go south won't be able to post scores. In the spring the MSGA will notify you when to inactivate your members before billing occurs.