MSGA Player Voucher List

Updated policy dated 3/30/20: 

The Board of Directors voted to mirror the USGA's policy on the spending of prize vouchers.  The long-held MSGA policy was that vouchers could be used for merchandise and riding cart fees at MSGA events only. 

This is significantly tighter than the USGA policy which allows vouchers to be used on any goods and services offered by a club. This may include use of a voucher for golf lessons, club event entry fees, use of a practice area, use of a golf cart, payment of memberships, greens fees and food and beverages (Rules of Amateur Status Decision 3-21/21).  While we will be allowing our vouchers to be used as outlined above at the club level, MSGA members will not be able to use vouchers to pay for any MSGA-related fees or dues (i.e. membership dues, entry fees, skins or pins).

Why would the MSGA loosen the policy at this time?  The MSGA has a voucher payable of around $200,000.  This is the amount of vouchers earned by players but not yet used.  We want golfers to use them to pay for goods and services offered by the club which hopefully will infuse some liquidity into the golf industry in Maine.  We currently have 1,600 golfers sitting on $200,000 of vouchers, or an average of $125 per member.

Does a club have to accept the vouchers for goods and club services?  In short "no."  The decision on what a voucher may or may not be used for is up to each club.

This decision was not taken lightly.  But at the end of the day, mirroring a USGA policy is important to the MSGA and we really have no reason to be stricter than the USGA at this time in this environment.

Any questions, please email the MSGA at [email protected] .


The MSGA displays the player voucher list online. Use the list to check on your prize-account balance in the column with the heading, Balance. The published list will be updated only once or twice a week, not in real time. For your precise, up-to-date balance, email [email protected].

To access the listclick here

Note that players are sorted by account number, not strictly by alphabet, so if you don't find your name immediately, keep scrolling!

For club representatives who would like to submit a voucher request form in the presence of an MSGA player looking to redeem their winnings, click here.