MSGA Play Days


For years, the MSGA has scheduled three types of non-championship events (Weekend, Mid-Week and Senior.) Each event was played from a single set of tees. Since both the Rules of Golf and World Handicap System now account for play from different tees with automatic handicap adjustments based on where a golfer plays from, the MSGA believes the time is right to embrace these changes in our non-championship events.  

As a result, in 2020 the MSGA will be combining the three different types of events into one type of event.  Each event will have senior and regular tees. Players aged 55 and older will have the option to play from either tee. This will result in the former Senior Tour (14 events), Mid-Weeks (6 events) and Weekends (27 events) combining into “MSGA Play Days,” of which there will be 47 events.

Many might ask, “are you getting rid of the Senior Tour?”  In name, “yes,” however we believe we are expanding opportunities for seniors to play across 47 events rather than just 14 tailored events. In the past, playing from a senior tee was only available on the Senior Tour. With the new format change, senior golfers will now be able to play from a forward tee in all of our MSGA Play Days. 

Registration opens on the 16th of every month for the next month's Play Days. For example, tee times for all May events will go live on April 16th. Registration opens at 6:30 am and tee times are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.

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Biddeford-Saco CC -- April 24-25

The Ledges GC -- April 28



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