Fund Contributors

As we reflect on the 2018 season, we'd be remiss if we didn't offer our sincere thanks to the players and companies that made contributions to our Scholarship Fund last year. One of the MSGA's core missions, the Scholarship Fund was started in 1950 and has helped countless Maine students attend college through the  allocation of more than $1.7 million in scholarships since its inception. The Fund continues to thrive and exist thanks to the generosity of others.

Thanks to all of the following people for their donations in 2018 -- we couldn't  do it without you!

2018 MSGA Scholarship Fund Donors:

Alejandro Soto
Allen Foehl
Andrew Bowden
Andy Cloutier
Annette Charest
Armand Ouellette
Austin Parker
Barb Hintze
Bette Grondin
Bill Boyington
Bill Fenderson
Birdie Pearse
Bob Grassetti
Bobbi Berry
Bong Adil
Brad Pattershall
Brian Bickford
Carolyn Langevin
Cash Wiseman
CBRE Boulos
Chad Allen
Charles W. Smith
Charlie's Motor Mall
Charlotte Hall
Christopher Carrier
Claudette Amoroso
Clay Graybeal
Cole Anderson
Conner Paine
Curt Shigo
Curtis Jordan
Dave Bucci
Dave Collins, Jr.
David Gonyar
David Harris
Debbie Porter
Deece Hannigan
Diane Bova
Diane Dubois
Diantha Harrington
Don Holmstrom
Donald Carlson
Donna Maiorino
Drew Powell
Ed Fortier
Elaine Bielenberg
Elizabeth Wiltshire
Eric Rizzo
Erik Tiner
Evan Glicos
Frank Langlois
Friends in honor of Nancy Storey
Friends in memory of David Smith
Gilbert Fifield
Golf & Ski Warehouse
Gosline Insurance
Harry Haylock
Helen Plourd
Jack Welch
Jamie Donaldson
Janet Quintero
Jean Brown
Jeff Holmes
Jenifer Stewart
Jerry Didonna
Joe Alvarez
Joe Dubois
Joe Ernst
Joe Walp
John Bauman
John Donato
John Welch
Jon Moody
Joy Eon
Judd Parsons
Justin Irish
K. Trent Murphy
Kailey Coleman
Kathy-Rae Emmi
Katy Heskett
Keller-Williams Realty
Kennebec Pharmacy
Kristian Brown
Lano Family Foundation
Laurie Frizzell
Laurie Hyndman
Leslie Fleisher
Lisa Love
Lisa Wintle
Lori Frost
Lowell Watson
LT's, Inc.
Madolin Fogarty
Maine Golf Course Superintendents Association
Maine Senior Golf Association
Marilyn Forest
Mark Cloutier
Mark Plummer
Mark Stasium
Marlene Viger
Mary Brandes
Matt Gurska
Matthew Campbell
Maureen Wedge
Mer Doucette
Mia Hornberger
Michael Doucette
Michael Nowak
Micki Meggison
Mike Diphilippo
Mike Gilmore
Nancy Bither
Nancy Sage
Nancy Webber
Natanis Women's Golf Association
New England Senior Golfers Association
Paul Cloutier
Peggy Cummings
Peter Carley
Peter Kendrick
Prudence Hornberger
Randall Richard
Randall Smith
Reid Birdsall
Rick Fortier
Rita Howard
Ruth Colucci
Scott Laberge
Scott Sirois
Sebastien Martinez
Sherrie Thomas
Stephen Kavanaugh
Steve and Diane Jordan
Steve Steiner
Steve Welch
Susan Gilpatric-Smart
Susan Hennessey
Susan Wootton
Sybil Davis
Teresa Messer
Tim Landry
Tom Ellsworth
Tony Robb
Trudi Snediker
Tyler Baker
Vance Gray
Vic Nunan
Viola Kemp
Wayne Hackett
Wyman Dentistry


Click here to see a list of past donors to the Scholarship Fund.