MSGA Scholarship Fund Application

Please read on for important information about the application process. The scholarship is available to males and females. CLICK HERE to apply for the MSGA Scholarship Fund.

Renewing students:

Do not re-apply. All renewal information form will be sent to you in May. Make sure we have your permanent mailing address (US mail). The form will prompt you to submit your transcripts or grade reports.

New applicants

There is no nomination process for the MSGA Scholarship. All interested students are invited to apply, bearing in mind the criteria of good character, golf participation, academic performance, and financial need.

Please be aware that the application requires verification of your golf participation.

For example, if you work at your club's pro shop or on the greens crew, you will need to tell us how many hours per week you worked, for how many years, and you will need a note or letter from your supervisor verifying that information.

Financial need is determined based on the Student Aid Report generated by your completion of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The MSGA Scholarship application requires candidates to submit a copy of their SAR (not the full FAFSA application). More specifically, we need a single page from the SAR that shows the student's name and the EFC (expected family contribution) number on it. Click here for a helpful guide to making your FAFSA application.

Academic performance is scored based on official transcripts, so don't forget to have them sent to the MSGA before the May 15 deadline.

All materials that need to be submitted in addition to the online application should be sent to [email protected].

The Maine State Golf Association (MSGA) Scholarship Fund is a charitable and educational trust, providing undergraduate scholarships for needy and deserving students.

The MSGA Scholarship Committee reviews its criteria on a regular basis to ensure that the selection process is as objective as possible. The current criteria for the MSGA Scholarship are as follows: 

  1. A candidate shall have shown an active interest in golf (i.e. participating as a player, as a caddie, and/or employed by a golf course pro shop or maintenance crew).
  2. Candidates must establish their need for financial assistance to attend college.
  3. Candidates must be graduates or prospective graduates of an accredited secondary school, and legal residents of the state of Maine.
  4. Candidates must be outstanding in character, integrity, and leadership as provided by participation in extra-curricular, civic and/or community activities.

The application deadline is on May 15.

For more information about the MSGA Scholarship Fund, feel free to call the office at 829-3549. You can also email us at [email protected].


CLICK HERE to apply for the MSGA Scholarship Fund.