Rules of Golf

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  • MSGA Hard Card
    Rules of Play and Conditions of Competition for MSGA events.

  • MSGA Rules Lessons
    Online lessons on the Rules of Golf.
    Solve puzzles and take online quizzes to test your knowledge.

  • Ask a Rules Question
    Got a Rules question! Need a ruling to settle an argument with your buddies?
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  • Rules - Frequently Asked Questions
    Review FAQ's from the USGA on everything from "Gimmies" to clubs, balls, water hazards, obstructions and more....

  • Seminar Information
    Did you know the MSGA offers many types of Rules educational seminars?
    Clubs, coaches, twilight leagues, juniors or pretty much tailored to any audience, get more information here.

  • Rules Publications
    Direct link to the USGA's Publications Store for buying Rules books, Decisions books and software

  • Rules Forums & Discussions
    Obsessed with the Rules? Check out these Rules Forums and Discussion sites.