Tournaments & Events

The goal of Junior Golf Maine is to consolidate all junior tournaments and golf events offered by various organizations and clubs around the State of Maine into one schedule.

The definitional line between a tournament and an event might be slight. Often, a tournament is defined by a level of competition solely based on golf score (i.e. Maine Junior Championship). An event is often coupled with something social and fun with less emphasis on competition (i.e. Family Golf Day). Either way you define it, our goal is simple: We want juniors playing golf.

We will attempt to avoid scheduling conflicts and provide opportunities for junior golf (we may not be perfect but we are trying). Please look under the “Opportunities” tab on this website and click on “Junior Golf Calendar” for a consolidated schedule.

If you are an event organizer and want your junior tournament to be added to this schedule, please feel free to contact us.

Click here to view the wide range of events available in Maine this year!