Maine Golf Jobs

As an added benefit to the member clubs and and all the golfers in Maine, we have created this space for MSGA member clubs to post job openings they have at their facilities. Thousands of golf enthusiasts in Maine come to the MSGA website, so why not get your job out there in front of those who love the game?

Do you work at an MSGA member club and have an opening you'd like to advertise? Click here to submit a form to the MSGA about your job opening. We will post these positions as soon as possible to help you find the right person for your job!


Current Maine Golf Employment Opportunities

 Position: Assistant Manager at The Meadows GC


Are you passionate about golf and the golf business? Do you have more energy than the sun? Are you so organized that you annoy your friends? Then read on because the perfect role for you may be waiting at The Meadows Golf Club! The Meadows is looking for a full-time, year-round Golf Club Assistant Manager. We need a right-hand person to partner with the new owner as he builds an exciting golf course/pub/entertainment venue in Litchfield. What you will be doing: First and foremost you will be making sure all our guests have a WOW! Experience when they visit The Meadows. We thrive on great word of mouth and you will be a key person to deliver the kind of service that gets people recommending us to all their friends. Specifically, you will be:1) Taking care of golfing guests at check-in, with questions, handling issues and generally making their experience great2) Creating, coordinating and running tournaments and leagues. These are big groups of folks that can be demanding and challenging so you will kill them with kindness and efficiency but will stand your ground when needed and not get run over.3) Working with the owners to communicate and market all the great things going on at The Meadows. We want everyone to know and you will tell them...all of them...yes, even him.4) Running a tight ship. Things will run on time, you will keep everyone so organized it a good way!5) Constantly creating #MeadowsMagic for everyone!6) You'll also be doing a lot of other stuff. It is a small business so we all wear a lot of look good in hats! What you bring to the table:1) A substantial knowledge of and love for golf...even an obsession is ok with us.2) A passion for amazing, proactive and over-the-top customer service3) A positive, can-do, problem-solving attitude that allows you to leap tall buildings in a single bound4) You are really, stinking smart and can prove it (college degree or equivalent experience is a must)5) You have managed some kick-butt events in your past and can't wait to tell us about it6) Have we mentioned that you are extremely organized?7) You stare in the face of utter and complete chaos and calmly exclaim "is that all you got?" Do you think you have what it takes to join The Meadows team? If so give the owner, Randall Anderson a call at 268-3000 and let's chat!