GHIN Handicapping Services

All MSGA member clubs are provided several valuable web based programs and services as part of the GHIN service. Clubs receive updates and new releases to the GHIN Admin Portal automatically through their web based connection to the GHIN servers. GHIN revises its Admin Portal on an on-going basis with new and improved added features.

The GHIN software itself poses no additional cost to the clubs. Clubs are billed on a per active golfer basis.

Some of the advantages of the GHIN Admin Portal are:

  • Interactive membership score posting with contemporary graphics and a friendly navigation style
  • Twelve-month score and Handicap Index archives.
  • Enhanced peer review via member lookup and score ticker features.
  • Automatic electronic transmissions that are totally transparent to golfers.
  • Report library supporting "Paperless" environments and a powerful report designer, which is flexible enough to design almost any report.
  • Clubs can print their own reports, handicap listings, local number list, addresses
  • All score corrections, new member adds, name changes, addresses, etc., are reflected immediately.

The GHIN Admin Portal provides for scores to be instantly and electronically routed to the GHIN servers. Clubs have access to the USGA Handicap Indexes of all other two million golfers on GHIN across the country. Clubs may inquire about the USGA Handicap Index of any visiting golfer on GHIN. Each golfer can see the immediate impact that each new score may have on the individual's Handicap Index at the next revision via the Trend.

The GHIN Admin Portal  effectively manages score posting; Handicap Index calculations; allows access to all Course Ratings and Slope Ratings contained in the association-wide database; performs golfer Handicap Index and score inquiries; networks all golf club members on the GHIN service and much more.

Score Posting Made Easy!

GHIN has made posting scores easy and simple. Golfers can post scores utilizing the new GHIN Mobile App, or the club's score posting Kiosk.


One of the most important features of the GHIN Admin Portal is the tremendous flexibility of the program. GHIN services more than 9,000 computerized golf clubs around the country, all with many different needs. This can only be accomplished through the flexibility of the many options throughout the program. Options may be set to prompt the member for score information when posting a score such as score type, tee played, and choice of posting an adjusted score or using hole-by-hole entry, which automatically computes Net Double Bogey.