Junior Tour Tournament Entry

The New England PGA and the Maine State Golf Association are very excited to announce a Junior Golf Alliance in the state of Maine. Recently established, this collaboration will serve as a vehicle to promote junior golf throughout the state by streamlining the junior golf process, creating competition for junior golfers, and growing the game of golf.

The New England PGA Junior Tour, founded in 1995, established a goal to help develop younger golfers as well as provide outstanding competitions on a local level. In addition, this program strives to foster sportsmanship and integrity among its members .The growth of the program has been phenomenal, and today the program consists of over 800 junior golfers and a schedule of more than 100 junior tournaments per season. 

The MSGA’s mission is to promote and serve the best interests of golf in the state of Maine, and for the past 20 years they have enjoyed a very active and well attended junior golf program with a full tournament schedule starting in June and continuing into August.

The alliance will allow juniors from Maine to continue to participate in a dedicated local schedule, but members will have the opportunity to participate in additional NEPGA Junior Tour events throughout New England.  The alliance will be looking for ways to expand and improve upon the program the MSGA started by looking at spring and fall opportunities to host local events.

There will be three divisions in these events: BoysGirls and Collegiate (For High School Graduates attending a college or university)

Within those divisions will be the following flights:

  • Boys 16-18
  • Boys 14-15
  • Boys 12-13
  • Boys 11 & under
  • Girls 14-18
  • Girls 13 under
  • Collegiate 18-21

Note: Boys 11 under and Girls 13 under play 9 holes. 

NEPGA Membership: $40 – Includes MSGA membership, GHIN number if needed, misc. tee gifts

Maine Jr. Tour Entry Fees: $30 ($25 for those playing 9 holes)

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