Championship Entry


The Maine Women’s Amateur (MWA) championship will be hosted by Augusta Country Club July 20-22. The MWA will remain a three-day, flighted event to determine our female state amateur champion.
Two significant changes follow…

 No MWA Junior Champion will be crowned. Instead, juniors will compete in a separate event – the Maine Junior Championship at Gorham Country Club July 28 & 29. Of course, juniors are eligible for play in the MWA as well.

 No MWA Senior Champion will be crowned. Instead, the senior championship will return to its former one-day format, with flights based on age ranges. Seniors will compete in a separate event – the Women’s Senior Amateur at Brunswick Golf Club on September 15.


The intent of these changes is to focus each event on its primary mission – to determine the state’s best female golfers eligible to play in a specific championship. Given the feedback we received about last year’s MWA, we felt we needed to simplify the event and no longer try to be all things to all golfers. We also heard loud and clear your preference for a one-day senior championship.


Looking ahead, we’d also like to share projected future sites of the MWA…

 2021:         Penobscot Valley Country Club

 2022:         Portland Country Club

 2023:         Waterville Country Club

 2024:         TBD