Junior Golf

The MSGA would like the golfers to keep golfing!

As it stands right now, the fall high school golf season: 
  • Season begins September 8th
  • The first match no sooner than September 18th
  • The state championships are held on October 10th

That leaves 3 weeks for a regular season, qualifiers and states. That’s not much time and Mother Nature usually ensures it will be a short season that could be even shorter.

So we have a “gap” the MSGA is trying to fill. Traditionally, junior golf stops when the hands off period ends which is usually around August 15th in a normal year. But 2020 is anything but normal.
The MSGA would like to offer opportunities to play and keep the current momentum in junior golf. We’d also like to do this throughout the entire state by creating places high school golfers can play in preparation for September 8th. Coaches will still need to follow MPA, county and school guidelines regarding player coaching and contact.
Keep playing in the "gap"
Golf courses have stepped up to offer days and times high school golfers can play before September 8th. Sunday River, Martindale, Gorham, Hidden Meadow, St. Croix, JW Parks, Sheepscot Links, Natanis, Mars Hill and Riverside all stepped up to offer events for high school golfers to play. Other events may be added as courses respond to the demand.
How will it Work?
Sign up and show up ready to play. The MSGA will offer online sign ups for each event. The MSGA will create pairings and communicate with the host club. Players need to show up 15 minutes before their tee time. Players can score online and play for individual prizes designed to keep your interest.
To keep interest, we would offer player points per event. 10 points for 1st, 8 for 2nd, 6 for 3rd, 4 for 4th, 2 for 5th and 1 for playing. Most points overall at the end of the season will earn MSGA vouchers which you can use in the pro shop. 1st is $100, 2nd is $75, 3rd is $50, 4th is $25, and $10 for 5th. Players will receive MSGA vouchers at the end of the season.
Individual versus Club Team Championship
Most events will be individual stroke play events. However, we are going to run a Club Team Championship (same as the men and women do in the MSGA) at Natanis on August 31. In order to play, all four players must all be from the SAME CLUB. That's not to be confused with the same school or school team (nothing will be a school name). The two best gross scores per hole over 18 holes will comprise the club team score.


Player and Coach Communication

The MSGA, in conjunction with the MPA, will be informing the athletic directors and coaches across Maine. Athletic directors and coaches can let high school students know of the opportunity. Additionally, the NEPGA will be notifying juniors who played this summer. 


Let's keep the kids playing golf! Let them know we are still playing.

Thank you for your support of junior golf! 







*CLUB TEAM EVENT:  4 players from the same club/course but not necessarily the same high school team.  We are not promoting a high school team rather a club/course.  Best 2 of 4 gross scores per hole will determine the winner.




Row Labels Sum of PTS Average of Total Gross
Albert, Connor 10 82.7
Bay, Cooper 4 75.0
Berg, Bennett 8 73.0
Bourgeois, Simon 8 81.0
Chilles, Austin 20 77.7
Cloutier, Anthony 2 83.0
Corcoran, Connor 2 83.0
Cote, Lindsay 8 81.0
Cyr, Patrick 2 88.0
Enck , Aidan 4 87.0
farr, sam 6 80.0
Flaherty, Lucas 14 81.0
Fowler, Campbell 2 85.0
Glidden, Zachary 4 82.0
Graham, Jacob 8 79.0
Hansen, Eric 8 77.0
Kenney, DJ 4 83.0
Klein, Andrew 36 76.6
Klein, Will 4 86.5
Levin, Remy 2 82.0
Lumbert, Bryce 8 85.5
Lyons, Andrew 6 81.0
McGonagle, Nick 10 71.0
Moore, Owen 22 81.0
Nolder, Matthew 22 75.3
O’Leary , Baker 4 81.0
Parker, Thomas 10 83.5
Perrault, Brian 10 78.0
Scripture, Logan 2 77.0
Spaulding , Eli 4 75.0
Stowell, Jack 4 75.0
Whelan, Thomas 2 77.0
Grand Total 266 80.0