2003 Mid-Amateur Championship

Wiseman falls just short in bid to overtake Jones in Maine Mid-Amateur Championship


            KENNEBUNK – Cash Wiseman nearly set a course record at Cape Arundel on Sunday, but his bid to overtake Ricky Jones to capture the Maine Mid-Amateur Championship still fell short as Jones added another victory to a long list, finishing at seven-under-par for the tournament. The first round was held Saturday at Dutch Elm in Arundel.


            Sitting at six under par on the 17th hole, it looked like Wiseman had holed out his second shot for an eagle, which would have meant if he parred 18, the course record – held by Brad Faxon and Mark Plummer -- would be his. But when he missed the six-foot birdie putt coming back, he had to settle for a 63, finishing one shot behind Jones’ two-round total of 134.


            “Water was just running off my hands when I stood up to that putt,” said Wiseman, and he wasn’t talking about any inclement weather; remarkably, while the mist was heavy and the forecast was gloomy, the players finished without any rain. With no wind and the greens soft from the overnight rain, the course set up really well for a couple of low scores.


            Wiseman had pulled even with Jones on the front nine, as he ran of a string of five straight 3’s, beginning on the second hole. Jones, meanwhile, had bogeyed the fourth hole – his only bogey of the tournament – to give Wiseman the opening. Jones – who had commented to a tournament official that Wiseman was making everything, including the kitchen sink during the run of three’s -- regained the lead for good with birdies on eight and nine.


           Besides Jones and Wiseman, Jay Livingston and Toby Buteau also shot 68 at Cape Arundel.  Buteau finished the tournament tied for 10th at 149, while Livingston was third with a 143. Keith Patterson, who finished fourth at 144, shot an even par 69, as did David Luce, who finished tied for sixth at 148. Steve Tsujiura was fifth with a 145.    


Complete results of the tournament, which is conducted by the Maine State Golf Association for players aged 25 and above, follow:



Ricky Jones, Rockland GC, 68-66--134

Cash Wiseman, Sable Oaks GC, 72-63--135

Jay Livingston, Tri-City, 75-68--143

Keith Patterson, Biddeford Saco CC, 75-69--144

Steve Tsujiura, Portland CC, 74-71--145

David Luce, Sable Oaks GC, 79-69--148

John Bauman, Webhannet GC, 78-70--148

Scott Dewitt, Biddeford Saco CC, 76-72--148

Tom Bean, Augusta CC, 78-70--148

Scott Stone, Toddy Brook G, 77-72--149

Dale Bragg, Martindale CC, 79-70--149

Tobey Buteau, Willowdale GC, 81-68--149

Gary Manoogian, Falmouth CC, 73-76--149

Tim Flaherty, The Woodlands Club, 77-73--150

George Hogan, Falmouth CC, 78-73--151

Ronald Brown Jr, Portland CC, 78-74--152

Ralph Noel, Dunegrass GC, 77-75--152

Jeff Wass, Rockland GC, 77-76--153

Gervais Dube, Dutch Elm GC, 78-75--153

Bob Adams, Ledges GC, 78-75--153

Moe Morin, Martindale CC, 78-75--153

Jayson Adams, Island Green GC, 80-74--154

Andrew Bowden, Val Halla GC, 78-77--155

Steve Bouthot, Biddeford Saco CC, 80-75--155

Ron Reynolds, Mere Creek GC, 79-76--155

Mike Corriveau, Links at Outlook, 79-76--155

Mike Napolitano Jr, Riverside GC, 77-79--156

Shawn Gepfert, Wawenock CC, 78-78--156

Lowell Watson, Boothbay CC, 84-72--156

Ron Gagnon, Dutch Elm GC, 76-80--156

Wayne Johnson, Sable Oaks GC, 79-77--156

Fred Fasulo, Riverside GC, 79-77--156

Mike O'Brien, Dutch Elm GC, 77-79--156

David Labbe, York G & TC, 79-77--156

Ron Dery, Dutch Elm GC, 79-78--157

Pat Keeley, Woodlands Club, 82-75--157

Michael Ott, Purpoodock Club, 79-78--157

Tom Ellsworth, Nonesuch River GC, 84-73--157

Andy York, Sable Oaks GC, 76-81--157

Paul Renaud, Sanford CC, 79-78--157

Patrick Miniutti, Dutch Elm GC, 83-74--157

Mark Friedman, Biddeford-Saco CC, 82-77--159

Keith Lefebvre, Dutch Elm GC, 82-77--159

Tony Towns, Fox Ridge GC, 85-74--159

Danny Cyr, Biddeford Saco CC, 85-74--159

Richard Morton Jr, Cape Neddick CC, 80-79--159

Clay Graybeal, Biddeford-Saco CC, 82-77--159

Dan Hourihan, Portland CC, 80-79--159

Robert Libby, Dutch Elm GC, 83-77--160

Vic Nunan, Falmouth CC, 82-78--160

Buster Knowles, Biddeford-Saco, 80-80--160

Clay Halliday, Links @ Outlook, 82-79--161

Craig Briggs, York GT, 83-79--162

Dan McCaron, Sable Oaks GC, 83-79--162

Bob Calcagni, The Woodlands, 79-83--162

Jim Stone, Toddy Brook G, 82-81--163

Doug Self, Bath CC, 86-77--163

David Niles, Riverside Municipal GC, 86-77--163

Randy Clark, Natanis GC, 81-83--164

Steve Dixon, Purpoodock Club, 84-81--165

Michael Warhurst, York G & TC, 89-76--165

Ron Eubanks Jr, Nonesuch River GC, 88-77--165

Mark Stasium, Riverside GC, 84-82--166

Rick Crawford, Falmouth CC, 84-82--166

Vinny Licata, Sable Oaks GC, 82-85--167

Don St Germain, Dutch-Elm GC, 87-80--167

Robert  A T Roy, Fox Ridge GC, 85-85--170

Jim Matteau, Dutch Elm GC, 89-81--170

Donald Flanagan, Fox Ridge GC, 90-80--170

Mike Francoeur, Portland CC, 91-84--175

Paul Tousignant, Dutch Elm GC, 91-86--177

Stephen Trottier, Sable Oaks GC, 93-85--178

John Felten, Fairlawn G CC, 91-88--179

Linford Stillson, Sunset Ridge GC, 118-96--214