Junior Play Days

MSGA Junior Play Days

Purpose: To encourage a fun 9 holes of golf in your county while employing social distancing at the host club.  The NEPGA Junior Tour doesn’t start until June 24, so we’re hoping to offer some fun opportunities for young players to play during the shortened school year. This is a chance to get out of the house and recreate while playing a little golf.

We are looking to charge a flat 9 hole greens fee of $15 to play.  Tee times will vary from club to club but will generally be between 11:00 and 2:00. Our understanding is most homeschooling is completed by then.

You must:

  1. Be an independent golfer who knows the rules and shows exemplary golf etiquette.
  2. Be from the county hosting the event or a member of the host club.
  3. Sign up and pay online.
  4. Show up no earlier than 10 minutes before your tee time.
  5. Wear a mask to the 1st tee and off the 9th green.
  6. Bring hand sanitizer.
  7. Bring a bottle of water.
  8. Bring bug spray and/or sunscreen.
  9. Thank the host course/golf professional upon leaving. A wave and thank you near the pro shop is encouraged.
  10. Be picked up immediately upon completion of the round, about two hours after tee time.

The MSGA will:

  1. Pick the courses in each county.
  2. Set up the course and select the tees to be played.
  3. Go over the rules of socially distancing in golf.
  4. Go over the local rules of play.
  5. Set-up threesomes (3 players maximum) by age, family and/or friends.
  6. Ensure tee times are every 12 minutes.
  7. Check in the players at the first tee.

There will be:

  1. No prizes.
  2. No scorecards.
  3. No competition.
  4. A max score of 8.
  5. No flexibility around social distancing restrictions.

If space allows, you may select a playing partner or partners but no more than three golfers per group.  If space permits, select a time range so as not to miss any school! We are currently working to finalize a schedule, so be sure to check back soon to see where these events will be held.