Scoring Official


Whenever possible, the scoring area and scorers should be located in an area that is protected from distractions. Players and caddies only are allowed in the scoring area; media and spectators are not allowed. It may be necessary for a Scoring Official to usher a player to the Scoring Area so that a score may be posted in a timely fashion. Media interviews should not be granted before a score is posted.


  • Responsible for ensuring that scorecards are properly turned in.
  • Immediately check all scorecards for signatures by the competitor and marker and ask player if hole-by-hole scores are correct.
  • Add player’s hole-by-hole scores or input the scores into the computer for computation.
  • If scores do not add up, consult the player and marker immediately.  The player is responsible for his hole-by-hole scores only, not his totals.
  • Record the time the scorecard was turned in and keep the cards in the order of return.
  • Scorers are reminded that if a player does not turn in his scorecard in the proper manner or a timely fashion, he is disqualified. Also, if a player withdraws from the tournament without notifying the scorer, the penalty is disqualification.
  • Incomplete score cards should reflect what actually happened by making the following notations on the card as applicable:

WD --- Withdrawn
DNS --- Did not show for starting time
NC --- No card
WD - INJ --- Withdrew during play of the round due to injury
DQ --- Disqualified because of a rules violation