Rules Official


Rules Officials should become familiar with their designated area and should familiarize themselves with the following situations:

  • Ball Drops
  • Out of Bounds
  • Penalty Areas
  • Abnormal Ground Conditions
  • Obstructions
  • Form of play (Match or Stroke play)

Any Rules Official may make a decision on which they are certain, pointing out the rule in the Rule Book to the player. If you need assistance or if the player requests a second opinion, a Rules Official should immediately call the Head Rules Official for assistance. After making a ruling, state the penalty or that “the ball is in play” and immediately leave the scene. Be alert for any potential rules problem with a player.

In stroke play, an official has an obligation to call any rules infraction which he observes. A good rules official tries to prevent any rules violation if possible. Be alert for any pace of play problems and report any gaps in play in your area. Keep your cart in a position where it is not likely to affect play, and please be reminded that carts are for officials only, unless otherwise approved or directed by the Tournament Staff.

Should have the following items:

Supplied By MSGA:
  • Starting Times
  • Notice to Competitors
  • Pace of Play Policy
  • USGA Time Limits
  • MSGA Radio

Supplied By Rules Official:

  • Rules of Golf book
  • Watch
  • Tape or string for measuring purposes
  • Scorecard
  • Stop Watch
  • Writing instrument