Should have the following items as supplied by the MSGA:

      • Starting Times
      • Starting Time Policy
      • MSGA Radio with headphones
      • Conditions Of Competition
      • Official Scorecards
      • Pencils
      • Ball Marker (Sharpie)
      • Rules of Golf book

Duties of Starter: (Must have a clock or watch)

      • Each player gets a Rules Sheet (Conditions of Competition)
      • Each player is given an official scorecard of a fellow-competitor
      • Have each player identify his ball, check bag for 14 club rule
      • Advise players to turn in their score cards immediately upon completion of their round
      • Players will play in order of starting times
      • Must start on posted time (not before or after)
      • Should say “Play Away Please”
      • Shall notify an official if a player is late or does not show
      • Determine in advance if there are alternates who may be available in case of a no-show