Pace of Play Monitor


Should have the following items, supplied by MSGA:

  • Pace of Play Policy
  • USGA Time Limits
  • Two-Way Radio
  • Stop Watch
  • Notice To Competitors
  • Starting Times
  • The Rules of Golf



    Pace of Play Monitor Duties:

    • If a group falls out of position, immediately after all players have left the teeing ground but before any subsequent strokes have been played, an official should inform the group that they are out of position and that they will be monitored and timed.
    • In championship events, notify a Rules Official that a group is out of position and on the clock, if applicable. The monitor will stay with the group that is on the clock until they are back in position. 
    • In weekend events, a group may be assigned penalties any time after they have been warned for slow play. The scorer at the weekend event must be notified any time a group is warned for being out of position, and if a group has been assessed a penalty.