Loyalty Card for Weekend Players

The MSGA Loyalty Rewards Card is a way for the MSGA to reward our loyal players and encourage you all to play as many events over the course of the season as possible. The player will be able to buy a 10-play weekend pass card that will allow you to play in 10 weekend events, including skins and pins, for just $400. That’s a savings of $50! And the good news is, you’re not limited to buying just one. If you play 10 events early, you can always buy another card in the middle of the season!

Of course, there are conditions: 
• The card is non-transferrable; it is good for use only by the MSGA player for whom it was purchased. 
• It is good only for MSGA weekend events during the 2017 season. 
• Players are responsible for redeeming the cards with the MSGA official in charge of the tournament at which it is redeemed. If cards are lost, they can be replaced but it is up to the player to inform us as soon as possible if you lose your cards. 
• You MUST turn in the card to take advantage of the offer; if you don’t you will have to pay the full amount.

Once you purchase the card, the MSGA staff will mail the physical product to you via US mail. Please allow a few days time for us to turn it around for you.

To purchase your card, please go here.

Email msga@mesga.org with any questions, comments or suggestions.