Junior Golf Tour Policies

Please read below for answers to your questions about the Maine Junior Tour.
For online registration, read this section first and then use the online registration link on the home page.

Please do not call the golf course to get into a Maine Junior Tour event.

All junior players must print the consent form
; have a parent or guardian sign it and submit it to the MSGA.

Registration, payment, and cancellation
About the Maine Junior Golf Tour
Golf etiquette
Pace of play
MSGA Dress Code and footwear policies
Other player responsibilities
Expectations of parents
New England Junior Championship
Local rules for Maine Junior Tour competitions


Registration, payment, and cancellation

The MSGA is requiring the use of our online registration, payment, and cancellation system for all Junior Tour events in 2017.

DEADLINE TO REGISTER IS 5PM ON THE THURSDAY BEFORE THE EVENT. (Exception is Maine Junior Championship, which has its own championship registration process and deadline.)

Cancellation policy for 2017 Junior Tour events:
The absolute deadline for cancellations is 5 PM on the Thursday of the week preceding the junior tour event. If circumstances prompt you to withdraw after that, your money will not be refunded, but you might be able to transfer the fee to another event, at the discretion of the Tournament Director. Failure to notify the MSGA that you are not coming may result in loss of playing privileges.
Online cancellations before the deadline will be refunded at 80%, per MSGA policy.
All registrations and on-time cancellations must be done online. You must cancel online, before the deadline, in order to get a refund. In the event you have to cancel after the deadline, you must call the office at 207-829-3549 (leave a detailed voice mail if no answer) or email msga@mesga.org.

About the Maine Junior Golf Tour

The Maine State Golf Association, Inc. is fortunate to have a very active, well-attended junior golf program, The Maine Junior Golf Tour. Working together with the Maine Chapter of the NEPGA, the Maine Golf Course Superintendents Association, and the WMSGA, our goal is to promote golf for Maine boys and girls.

All Maine junior tournaments are open to amateur golfers aged 18 and under, who either live in the State of Maine or are members of a MSGA member club. We encourage all junior golfers to establish a USGA GHIN handicap, which is available through most MSGA member clubs and can also be obtained through the MSGA if the junior golfer is not a member of a golf club.

All Junior Tour players must purchase an MSGA membership annually. Cost to join is $10 for juniors.

The focus of the Maine Junior Golf Tour is not on winning, but on competing successfully, and improving the golf game to be able to play at a competitive level. A major emphasis is put on etiquette, the spirit of the game, and the values that the game promotes: honesty, integrity and character.

Competition in junior events is divided into three divisions by age. The 12 and under players will compete in nine-hole tournaments. Players in the 13-15 age division and players in the 16-18 age division will play 18 holes. There are also two girls division for the Maine Junior Amateur Championship.

Players under the age of 13 wishing to play 18 holes, or players wishing to move up from the 13-15 to the 15-18 age divisions must have prior approval to move up. PLEASE NOTE: Once a player competes in a higher division, that player must complete the remainder of the season in the higher division. In other words, if you play up, you stay up.

*Juniors who summer in Maine, who are members of an MSGA member club and who compete in at least five MSGA Junior Tour events are also eligible for the Junior Championship (but not our other championships). Players must be members in good standing of an MSGA member club before championship application.


Golf Etiquette

Part of the role of the Maine Junior Golf program is to teach young golfers proper etiquette and care of the golf course. Players are expected to be on their best behavior at all times. Any player who does not observe accepted rules of etiquette will be subject to immediate disqualification and may face further sanctions. The following are to be considered breaches of etiquette, for which a player will be immediately disqualified:

             *Abusive or unacceptable language;

            *Throwing clubs;

            *Unsportsmanlike conduct;

            *Abuse of the golf course;

            *Anything that endangers a fellow competitor or which tournament officials, club personnel and/or MSGA staff deems to be inappropriate.


Pace of Play

USGA Rule 6-7 states that the player shall play without undue delay. Juniors will be expected to meet pace of play requirements and will be penalized if they do not comply. SLOW PLAY WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. MSGA staff will have the authority to assign penalties and penalties may be assessed to all players in a group. Continued slow play violations could result in revocation of playing privileges.


MSGA Dress Code and footwear policies

Players in all MSGA junior events must follow the MSGA Dress Code, which does not permit dungarees, cutoff shorts, gym shorts, bathing suits, tank tops, sweat suits or collarless shirts. Players are prohibited from wearing metal, ceramic or other spikes constructed from any piercing materials. Shirts must be tucked in and hats must be worn facing forward. Penalty for breach of dress code is disqualification.


Other Player Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of every player to know the Rules of Golf; a Rule Book can be obtained from the USGA at no cost. In addition, players are expected to follow the Rules of Etiquette listed in the front of the Rule Book. Please pay special attention to Care of the Course. Players should always remember to rake bunkers; replace divots and repair ball marks; avoid damaging greens with equipment; and limit practice swings to avoid damage.

MSGA participants are also expected to follow other posted club rules as they apply. Unbecoming behavior or breach of rules, including etiquette, could lead to loss of playing privileges in all MSGA events.

Expectations of Parents

As parents and guardians of our young golfers, you want to help the players succeed at this sport. We have some basic rules for all spectators to follow while watching the golfers on the Maine Junior Golf tour. Please note that breach of these rules could cause a spectator to be asked to leave the golf course, and could also cause the player to be disqualified, so your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

The following are the rules for all spectators:

All spectators must stay at least 50 feet from players;

No coaching or caddies are allowed;

NEVER give a player a ruling, even if you are sure of the rule. Instead, suggest that they play two golf balls and ask an MSGA staff member for a ruling after the round;

Please be aware of other groups and make sure you are standing out of the way of play. Rather than following your player, spectators are asked to walk ahead of the group, where you can help forecaddie;

When applauding for a player, please be aware of other competitors around you and use proper golf course etiquette;

If a player has a medical condition which would require a parent to have contact with the player during the round, the parent must bring this to the attention of MSGA staff prior to the round.  The safety of all of our players is of paramount concern, and we will work with you to ensure a positive experience for all players.

New England Junior Championship

The Maine Junior Golf season culminates in the New England Junior Championship, an invitational tournament at which the top seven players from all the New England states compete in a team competition.

The Maine team is selected on a merit basis, with the Maine Junior Champion automatically making the team. The next six slots are filled on the basis of scoring averages, in a minimum of six events, three of which must be MSGA Junior Golf Tour events. In order to be eligible to qualify for the New England Junior Championship, players must compete in the 15-17 age division during junior tournaments. Players competing in the other divisions will not be considered. 

For the purpose of selecting the New England Junior team, competition in all MSGA, PGA and USGA events is also considered. However, players are responsible for submitting their verifiable tournament scores, along with the golf course’s slope and rating, to the MSGA Office within three days of competing in the event in order for these scores to count. The MSGA assumes no responsibility for the collection of scores in events played outside of the Maine Junior Golf program, not even other MSGA events.

Any tournaments included on the Maine Junior Golf Schedule as published satisfy the six-event minimum requirement, as do verifiable MSGA, USGA or PGA tournament scores properly reported to the MSGA Office. The final date for receiving scores to be considered will be Wednesday, August 2nd.


Local Rules for Maine Junior Tour competitions

The Rules of the United States Golf Association govern play, except as modified by the MSGA.

Water and Lateral Hazard Stakes and Lines: When both stakes and lines are used to define water and lateral hazards, stakes identify hazards and lines define margins. Unless otherwise specified, yellow stakes or lines define water hazards, and red stakes or lines define lateral hazards.  See Rule 26-1.

Ground Under Repair: Defined by white encircled lines or blue stakes. French drains, wheel ruts and aeration holes are deemed ground under repair even if unmarked.

Embedded Ball Rule through the green: Local Rule as prescribed in Appendix 1 of Rules of Golf shall be in effect.

Conforming Balls and Clubs: Optional Condition as prescribed in Appendix 1 shall be in effect. Scorers have the current list of conforming balls. Non-conforming clubs list is posted by the USGA.

Breaking of Ties: When required, Rule 33-6 and Note in Appendix 1, Conditions of the Competition 2c, shall be in effect.

Host Club’s Local Rules: Local Rules posted at clubs or on club scorecards shall not be in effect if contrary to anything posted herein, or contrary to anything posted by the MSGA at the tournament.

Obstructions: Stonewalls are immovable obstructions, as are continuous cart paths and associated worn areas. Flanges supporting markers are part of the marker. For out of bounds markers, they are not obstructions. For hazards, they are moveable obstructions.

Cart and Caddies:  For all MSGA junior events, power carts and caddies are prohibited, and spectators must stay 50 feet away from competitors. Pull carts are allowed, but must be pulled by the player.

Distance Measuring Devices: A player may obtain distance information by using a device that measures distance only. A device that measures or gauges other conditions (wind or gradient, etc.) is not permitted, and would be subject to disqualification under rule 14-3.

Cell Phones: Use of cell phones during competition is prohibited and could lead to disqualification.