Member Club Benefits

Course and Slope Ratings

Utilizing regional teams of raters located throughout the state, the MSGA rates courses in accordance with the USGA Course and Slope Rating System. The USGA requires that all new golf courses be re-rated after five years, after which all courses must be re-rated every 10 years. Each year the MSGA rates approximately 15 to 20 courses, providing precise course and slope ratings for each set of tees so that all golfers can enjoy the benefits of an accurate and equitable handicap system. There is no charge to MSGA member clubs for this service.

Educational Seminars

Each year the MSGA hosts a number of educational seminars, scheduled throughout the calendar year at various sites across the state, to educate and inform the golfing community on issues ranging from handicapping to course rating to the Rules of Golf to other issues that either directly or indirectly impact the game of golf.


The MSGA provides a full range of handicapping services including supplies, staff support, equipment, publications and more. We also provide and administer the Golf Handicap and Information Network (GHIN), a timely and quality handicap service and system created and sanctioned by the United States Golf Association.

Being part of the GHIN network allows member clubs access to more than 12,000 clubs across the nation with over 2 million golfers. Members can post their scores at any of these GHIN clubs, which will be promptly routed back to their home clubs.

In addition, the GHIN system has the most advanced tournament scheduling program available, which will let MSGA member clubs streamline and enhance their tournament administration procedures.

Tournament Schedule

As a member club you will have the opportunity to host MSGA events, including MSGA Championships, Weekly events, and Senior or Junior Tour events.


The MSGA represents the interests of its member clubs to the USGA. Attending national conferences, such as the GHIN Users meeting, USGA Regional Meetings, IAGA conferences and New England Golf Association meetings are all part of this representation.

Club Rep Program

A direct line of communication to the MSGA is established through a network of club representatives.


An integral part of the MSGA mission has always been our Scholarship Fund. We continue to be a leader among non-profit corporations in Maine for our generosity to our students. Since its inception in 1950, the MSGA Scholarship Fund has assisted over 500 Maine students with the costs of their higher education. The total amount of scholarships awarded is now more than $1.6 million.

For information on becoming an MSGA Member Club, contact Nancy Storey at or at 207-829-3549.