Senior Tour Tee Times

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MSGA Cancellation Policy for Weekend and Senior Events
Cancellations of pre-booked tee times in MSGA weekend and senior events must be made three days prior to the day of the tournament in order to avoid penalty.

If a pre-booked tee time is missed entirely without acceptable notice, the group will be charged the full entry fee.

If the group cancels after the deadline, or if the weather is questionable but the tournament is still being played, the players may choose not to play and cancel for a fee of $20 per player.

Players are responsible for notifying the MSGA Tournament Administrator in charge of the event if they cancel on the day of the event. Do NOT leave a message at the club or at the MSGA office.  The tournament administrators may be reached by email at, or . Players may call the MSGA office during office hours to get Mike's, Don's or Randy's cell number.

This cancellation fee covers our obligation to our member clubs and associated MSGA costs.

If a tournament is cancelled, players will either be refunded or issued a refund voucher, good upon presentation at any other MSGA weekend or senior event.

Any team incurring one of these penalties must pay in full before any subsequent tee times will be honored. Unusual circumstances will be considered individually.  

Players please note, we expect there will be many changes to the tee sheets as the season progresses and players' plans change. Groups looking to get another player to round out their group, as well as individuals looking to join a group, are encouraged to use the MSGA Message Board to connect with other players.

As always, open times are available to your group. Just call us at 829-3549 or email one of the staff. 

Tee Times for the 2017 Senior Tour

*Note: This year we received a record number of applicants for tee times. As is such, in many of the events we had more applicants than there were tee times available. For those events, all groups were put in a lottery for the available spots. Teams that did not get a tee time have been placed on an alternate list for those events. The MSGA will contact those players if any vacancies appear on the tee sheet.

You may also notice that this year the tee times are given only in the applicant's name, and they do not list the four players' names for the group. Similar to our weekly events, it is the responsibility of the captain to make sure he has a group of players with him. Players are encouraged to use the MSGA Message Board to find a player to fill out their group if one more is needed. This is also the best way for an individual to find a group to join up with.

 11 (Thu)  Dunegrass GC
 16 (Tue)  Waterville CC
 1 (Thu)  Brunswick GC
 19 (Mon)  Old Marsh CC
 27 (Tue)  Augusta CC
 5 (Wed)  Sable Oaks GC
 17 (Mon) Point Sebago GC
 3 (Thu)  Lake Kezar CC
 14 (Mon)  Martindale CC
 29 (Tue)   Bridgton Highlands CC
 6 (Wed)  Willowdale GC
 11 (Mon)  Mingo Springs GC
 19 (Tue)  Sanford CC
 26 (Tue)  Cape Neddick CC
 10 (Tue)
 Webhannet GC
24 (Tue) Salmon Falls GC